Furniture Fixer Uppers – What to look for

I remember when we moved into our new home about two years ago. A lot of our home décor and furniture were mismatched and lacked appeal for our new place. We didn’t want our new home to look completely outdated and we couldn’t really afford to buy everything new…so we updated a lot of our old grungy things to make them look fresh and beautiful. It’s amazing what you can do with spray paint, a staple gun, and old hand me down furniture.  Here are some things to look for when updating your furniture and home decorations.

Look for projects with potential


I had never really thought about refinishing furniture until we moved into our house. Some of the first places I looked for ‘projects’ were KSL, Deseret Industries, Good Will, and some other second hand furniture stores. I found some of the best potential projects at the DI or Good Will. Some projects may need more attention than others, but it’s important to look past what the piece looks like now and try to imagine what it can become. I started by pinning furniture on a “Refinished Furniture” Pinterest board so I knew what kind of things I liked and what I didn’t.

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Don’t be afraid to take risks


Some projects require a good imagination. A year ago, we found a part of a sectional couch in the clearance section at RC Willy for $40. We decided to add arms to it to make a chair and it turned out AMAZING. When we bought the piece we had no idea how to go about adding arms…but with some creativity and some help from my handy father… we were able to create a beautiful armchair that added some fun character to our living room.

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Patterns are a must!


Furniture adhesive is a great way to update old lifeless furniture. It’s simple and the results are incredible. I’ve found some really cute patterns at Home Depot. Most furniture adhesive is really easy to apply…you simply measure, cut, peel, and apply.

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Now that you are in your new home why not save some money and be creative! It’s fun to customize old furniture to your taste and style. Just remember to look for projects with potential….and don’t be afraid to take risks…and lastly…remember that patterns are good!

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