Life hacks to making your home more organized

Life can be crazy and often times during those crazy periods of life, a normally organized home becomes messy and disorganized. Whether you are working 40 hours a week or running kids to soccer, an organized home can benefit you. It can relive stress and save time.  If you need to declutter and organize your home, here are some ‘life hacks’ to organization. They are both simple and quick…two things that easily motivate most people.

Office space Hacksorganization 1

Having an organized work space can optimize efficiency whether you work from home or commute to a job. OfficeMax did a report and discovered that work space clutter and mess damages productivity and motivation while at work. How do you fix too many piles of papers and sticky notes posted to your computer monitor? File! Yes, filing is essential to keeping a mess free work space. Filing office documents or school papers, allows one to locate documents quickly and more efficiently. Piles of unorganized papers create stress and loss of focus. Using clip boards, hanging wall files or baskets can be fun ways to organizing mail and other misc. papers.

Laundry Room Tips

Doing laundry can often be a daunting task when there are piles of clothes lying on the floor along with other household items. An easy solution to cleaning up a disorganized laundry room…hooks or rods! Placing hooks or rods on a wall or in a cabinet will allow you to store things that would otherwise be in the way such as mops, brooms, and household cleaners. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

organization 2Boxes, Baskets, and Bins – The Three B’s

Human beings have an innate instinct to collect things. We accumulate lots of ‘things’ everywhere we go. Many times the ‘things’ we accumulate and collect end up creating unnecessary clutter in our homes or apartments. One way of storing the amounts of stuff we collect is by using boxes or baskets. Boxes can be labeled and documented, making it easy to locate and access the many ‘things’ we acquire. Boxes are stackable. Great for keeping a space less cluttered.

Organization doesn’t need to be time consuming. In fact, organization saves us time. Why waste time sorting through piles of junk or spending hours looking for something that should have been easy to find. Decluttering your home is as easy as buying a few hooks, baskets, or filing folders. It takes only a few minutes to install a rod or hook. Once you’ve figured out a filing system, locating important documents becomes a simple task.


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